Cool Britannia

In the mid 1990s music again inspired a new fashion and way of clothing: Britpop. Britpop was part of the movement of Cool Britannia which gave new strength (forza) to optimism and faith (fiducia) in the British future. Britpop bands were influenced by British guitar music of the past – Beatles, glam rock, and punk rock. Even if there were differences among them, all Britpop artists projected (proiettavano) a sense of reverence for the sounds of the past. Britpop groups focused (si focalizzavano) on bands rather than solo artists; they sang  in regional British accents and referred to British places and culture in lyrics (parole) and images. They started as a reaction to the American Grunge style. The Union Flagbecame a famous symbol of the movement, a symbol of pride (orgoglio) and nationalism – maybe (forse) for this reason it could not reach a remarkable fame in the USA. Active in this movement were The Blur, the Oasis and The Spice Girls. As to fashion hair became longer again as in the 1960s. Young people used to wear aloha shirts, brown leather (di pelle) jackets, Paisley dresses (patterns – modelli- of Persian or Indian origin) , retro and graphic print T-shirts. As to shoes very trendy were loafers (mocassini) , Chelsea boots, and boat shoes.