i bambini e la moda

Fashion is now important also for children. Since the very first cartoon Walt Disney’s characters have influenced children imagination. Fashion industry introduced the possibility to make children feel 
(far sentire i bambini) similar to their heroes (eroi) by producing clothing inspired by the famous characters. The Golden Age of Disney’s fashion started in the mid 1990s with the T-shirts and the sweaters (maglie) featuring (che rappresentano)  Simba, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and all the others friend of children’s moments of joy. Besides (inoltre) the 1990s trend for children was street wear or casual: jeans were  used night and day, on formal and informal occasions, together with striped ( a righe) or patterned ( a disegni) sweaters. Girls also used – and still do – leggings and short dresses with sneakers (scarpe da tennis).