il ricatto di Hitchcock

Blackmail is a British thriller drama film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1929 and based on the play Blackmail by Charles Bennett. Detective Frank Webber of Scotland Yard has an argument with his girlfriend Alice in a pub.  Frank leaves her alone, but  soon sees her going away with one of her friends, Mr Crewe, a painter.  At  his  house,  Mr Crewe  shows her the painting of a laughing (che ride) clown and then tries to rape (violentare) her. Alice resists, takes a nearby bread knife (coltello da pane lì vicino) and stabs (pugnala) him to death. The next day, the case is assigned (è assegnato) to Frank who finds one of Alice’s gloves (guanti) in the painter’s house,  understands she is the murderer (assassino) and asks her to meet him. Unfortunately also Tracy – the  model who had sat (posato) for the laughing clown – saw Alice go up to Crewe’s flat and attempts (cerca) to blackmail (ricattare) the couple. Frank denounces him to the police. Soon Tracy’s nerve breaks (i nervi saltano) , because he has a criminal record (rapporti con la polizia) and escapes finding refuge in the British Museum where he  is killed by the police. Unaware (non sapendo nulla) of this, Alice decides to give herself up (arrendersi) and goes to New Scotland Yard, but just before starting her confession the Chief Inspector receives a telephone call and asks Frank to deal with(trattare)  the woman. As they leave, Crewe’s painting of the laughing clown is carried past them.