Jamaica Inn – un romanzo, un film

Jamaica Inn is a 1939 film shot (girato) by Alfred Hitchcock and based on the homonymous novel written by Daphne du Maurier in 1936. It was the last British film of A. Hitchcock before moving to Hollywood. The plot pivots around (ruota intorno) an Inn, Jamaica Inn, headquarter (quartier generale) to a gang of smugglers (contrabbandiri) led (comandati) by its innkeeper (proprietario della locanda) Joss. The smugglers extinguish (spengono) coastal beacons (falò che dirigono le navi a riva) in order to cause shipwrecks (naufragi); then they rob (derubano) the ships and kill the surviving sailors (marinai sopravvissuti). Mary, the orphaned niece (nipote femmina di zio/a) of Joss’s wife Patience, comes to live at the inn. At the inn he saves  the life of Traherne, a gang member who is going to be lynched (linciato) by his fellow smugglers (compagni contrabbandieri) for fraud (ingannano). Traherne reveals Mary that he is actually (in realtà) a secret law-officer who tries to find out evidences (prove) to capture Joss’s gang.  Mary and Traherne escapes from the Inn and asks for protection to Sir Humphrey Pengallon, the local magistrate, little  knowing (senza sapere) that he is the secret leader of  the smugglers taking the loots (bottini) to maintain his sumptuous lifestyle (stile di vita). Traherne and Mary again run away to save a ship and a love affair blossoms (nasce una storia d’amore).