the mummy, la mummia

Terence Fisher’s 1959 movie takes place in Egypt in 1895. The  archaeologists John Banning (Peter
Cushing), his father Stephen and his uncle Joseph Whemple are searching for the tomb of Princess Ananka, high priestess of the god Karnak. John has a broken leg and when the tomb is found he cannot accompany Stephen and Joseph. Before the two archeologists enter, the Egyptian Mehemet Bey tells them about a curse (maledizione) which will fall (cadrà) on people who violate(violano) the sepulcher. The two do not believe him and go on. Joseph leaves to tell John the good news (notizia) and Stephen finds the Scroll of Life (pergamena della vita) and reads from it. Soon after he is found in a catatonic state. England, three years later. Stephen Banning recovers and sends for his son. He tells him that reading from the Scroll of Life, he unintentionally brought back to life the mummy of Kharis (Christopher Lee) , the high priest of Karnak, sentenced to be buried alive (condannato ad essere sepolto vivo) and to guard(fare la guradia alla) the tomb: it is the punishement for him who had tried to bring Princess Ananka back to life out of forbidden love (per amore proibito). Now, Kharis is going to kill all those who violate Ananka’s tomb. Meanwhile, Mehemet Bey, devoted worshiper (adoratore) of Karnak, comes to Engerfield under false name and takes with him Kharis  to get revenge (vendicarsi) on the Bannings. At first Kharis’s mummy falls into a bog (palude) and then, revived thanks to the Scrool of Life , goes to kill Joseph Whemple.  John Banning, sees the scene and shoots him with a revolver at close range(da vicino)  to no effect (inutilmente). Police Inspector Mulrooney investigates, but he does not believe  John’s incredible story about a killer mummy, till  he listens to other witnesses (testimoni), he starts  to wonder (inizia a chiedersi) if John is right. Meanwhile John notices that his wife Isobel looks like (assomiglia) Princess Ananka. Mehemet sends the mummy to John, but when Kharis sees Isobel,  he releases John and leaves. Mehemet believes Kharis has completed his task (compito), and prepares to return to Egypt but John, who starts suspecting him,  pays him a visit, much to his surprise (gli fa visita con sua sorpresa). Mehemet Bey sends Kharis to  kill him again, but once again (nuovamente) the mummy goes away when Isobel comes to help his husband. Not only:  Kharis  refuses to follow Mehemet’s orders, kills the Egyptian and  takes Isobel, unconscious to the swamp (paludi). John, Mulrooney and other policemen are after them. When Isobel regains consciousness, and succeed in slowly moving away (riesce ad allontanarsi), they open fire:  Kharis sinks into a mire (affonda in una sabbia mobile) together with the Scroll of Life.