Tom Jones, un trovatello

Tom Jones is a 1963 adventure comedy film, starring Albert Finney as the protagonist. The film was directed by Tony Richardson and the screenplay was  an adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (1749)by playwright (autore di teatro) John Osborne. The film is quite comic: the characters sometimes break the fourth wall (rompono la quarta dimensione), look directly into the camera (cinepresa) and address the audience. Tom Jones also covers the camera  with his hat. A silent film sequence introduces the movie: the good Squire (proprietario terriero) Allworthy returns from London and finds a baby in his bed. The squire adopts little Tom Jones as if he were his own son.Tom grows (cresce) a lively young man, good-looking (bello) and  with a kind heart, very popular with the opposite sex. However he loves the tender Sophie Western and is reciprocated (contraccambiato) even if he is considered a bastard and cannot marry a young upper class lady of her high station. Sophie,  too, must hide her feelings while Squire Western and his sister , Sophie’s father and aunt, wants her to marry Blifil, the son of the Squire Allworthy’s sister ,Bridget, an ill-natured man. Bridget dies unexpectedly, Blifil intercepts a mother’s letter of his mother for her brother. After the funeral Blifil and his two tutors, convince squire Allworthy that Tom is a villain (cattivo) until he gives Tom a small sum of money and sends him out into the world to seek his fortune (cercare fortuna). Tom has to face (affrontare) many misadventures on his road-traveling (sulla strada) odyssey. Meanwhile, Sophie runs away from home to escape the attentions of the hated Blifil. The road is the same, but Tom and Sophie arrive separately in London. In London Tom attracts the attention of Lady Bellaston , a noblewoman over 40 rich, beautiful, and completely amoral. Tom and the lady have a love affair. Eventually, Tom ends up at Tyburn Gaol to be hanged (per essere accusato) accused of robbery and attempted murder by  two agents of Blifil. Fortunately Squire Allworthy reads the famous letter Blifil had received: Tom is his sister Bridget’s illegitimate son and Allworthy’s nephew. Blifil is now in disgrace and disinherited. Allworthy interrupts Tom’s hanging. Tom now has permission to court Sophie, and all ends well with Tom embracing Sophie with her father’s blessing (benedizione).