Oggi nacque – G. K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born on 29 May 1874 (and died on 14 June1936) . He was an English poet , essayist (saggista) and novelist who wrote on philosophy, criticism, biography, Christian apologetics. Probably he is mainly famous for his fiction (romanzi) which include fantasy and detective stories.  He created an unusual (insolito) amateur detective,  Father Brown,  protagonist of fifty-one
short stories later compiled (comprese) in five books. Chesterton was inspired by Father John O’Connor (1870–1952), a parish priest (prete di una parrocchia) in Bradford who was involved (coinvolto) in his conversion to Catholicism in 1922. The relationship (relazione) was recorded (registrata) by O’Connor in his 1937 book Father Brown on Chesterton. Father Brown is a small, humble (umile), rather quiet (piuttosto tranquillo) Catholic priest, working in London, with formless (senza forma) clothes and a large umbrella. His characteristic? He can see human evil (male).  His first story was  The Blue Cross followed by five volumes of short stories: in his investigation he is often helped by the reformed criminal (criminale redento) M. Hercule Flambeau. Unlike (a differenza di) Sherlock Holmes who uses a deductive method,  Father Brown uses his intuition and his experience as a priest and confessor. Usually the stories contain a rational explanation (spiegazione razionale) of who the murderer (assassino) is and how Brown understand it (di come Padre Brown abbia capito). He represents an educated clergyman (prete) who tends to handle (trattare) crimes with a secure, realistic approach (approccio), but he believes in the supernatural as the greatest reason of all (come ragione suprema).