come ho vinto la guerra – sempre attuale

How I win the war  is a 1967 black film comedy directed and produced by Richard Lester, based on the  novel of the same name (omonima) by Patrick Ryan. Lieutenant Goodbody, is an idealistic, inexperienced, and obstinately nationalistic not regular officer. The platoon (plotone)  tries to get rid of (disfarsi) or to kill him as he  is totally unable to command them. Goodbody unfortunately leads (porta) his soldiers to their gradual fatal end (gradule fatale fine) while he survives (sopravvive) together with another one who finishes into a psychiatric clinic and a deserter (disertore). Every time a soldier dies is replaced by a plastic model toy soldier (soldato giocattolo di plastica)  whose face is obscured (il cui viso viene oscurato). Lester used a wide (ampia) variety of styles — vignette, documentary film,  popular war literature and parody of the war film genre — to tell the story of 3rd Troop, called the 4th Musketeers – a fictional (inesistente) regiment – and their misadventures (disavventure) in the Second World War. John Lennon  plays his  only non-musical role (il suo solo ruolo non musicale), as Musketeer Gripweed and during the filming he started wearing the  round glasses which will characterize his figure in the future.