Robin e Marian – ultimo capitolo

Robin and Marian is a 1976 movie directed by Richard Lester and written by James Goldman, based on the legend of Robin Hood. Robin Hood – already quite aged (già avanti con l’età) – is still fighting (sta ancora combattendo) for Richard the Lion-Heart (Riccardo Cuor di Leone) in France. Richard orders him to attack a castle where he thinks there is a gold statue. Robin finds out (scopre) that the  castle is defended by a solitary, one-eyed old man (un vecchio con un occhio solo) who is protecting women and children, and decides –  together with Little John – not to attack.  King Richard gets angry (si infuria) and orders their execution (esecuzione), but he is mortally wounded (ferito) by an arrow (freccia) thrown (lanciata) by the old man. Before dying , Richard orders to massacre the inhabitants of the castle – only the old man remains alive (vivo) and Robin and Little John are free again (di nuovo liberi). They go back to England where they meet their old friends Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck in Sherwood Forest. Robin asks about Maid Marian: she has become an abbess (priora di una convento). When he goes to see her, he learns (viene a sapere) that the Sheriff of Nottingham, his old enemy (nemico), has ordered her arrest because King John wants to expel (mandar via) the leaders (i capi) of the Catholics Church from England. Robin helps Marian and injures (ferisce) Sir Ranulf, one of the  Sheriff’s men. Sir Ranulf chases (insegue) Robin into the forest where Ranulf’s men find their death (trovano la loro morte). Only Sir Ranulf is safe (salvo) because Robin orders him spared (comanda che sia risparmiato). Once again Robin gathers (raccoglie) a lot of men – his old comrades (compagni)- around him and Sir Ranulf asks King John for 200 soldiers to fight their eternal enemy. When the two armies are ready to fight on the open field, Robin proposes the Sheriff a duel to settle the issue (per porre fine alla questione). Unexpectedly (inaspettatamente) the Sheriff shows great ability and soon dominates Robin in the fight: he wounds Robin and demands his surrender (arrendersi). Robin refuses and succeed in killing (riesce a uccidere) the Sheriff. Sir Ranulf orders his soldiers to attack and many among Robin’s men are wounded or killed. Only Little John survives and kills Sir Ranulf. Then he and Marian take Robin to her abbey where she tells Robin she keeps (tiene) her medicine. Robin’s wound  is serious. Marian prepares the potion, gives it to Robin and drinks a glass herself. Robin understands: she has poisoned (ha avvelenato) both because he would not be the same (non sarebbe più stato lo stesso). He calls Little John and asks him to bury them (seppellirli) in the place where he is going to shoot his last arrow (lanciare la sua ultima freccia). Nobody will ever know where it has fallen (dove sia caduta).