Roman Polanski e “Per favore non mordermi sul collo”

The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (shortened to The Fearless Vampire Killers; originally titled Dance of the Vampires – Per favore non mordermi sul collo)

is a 1967 comedy horror film directed and written by Roman Polanski, co-starring Polanski with future wife Sharon Tate. Transylvania. Mid-19th Century. Old Professor Abronsius, and his apprentice, the introverted (introverso)   Alfred are hunting (stanno cacciando) vampires. They come to a small Eastern European town after a long search for (ricarca) vampires and at the local  inn (locanda) they find  tormented people performing strange rituals (che fanno strani rituali) to defend themselves from an unseen evil (male invisibile). Alfred falls in love with Sarah, the daughter of the tavern keeper (proprietario della taverna) Yoine Shagal who is kidnapped (rapita) by  the local vampire lord, Count von Krolock. Her father , while looking for her, is captured and becomes a vampire himself.  Abronsius and Alfred  reach Krolock’s gloomy (tetro) castle, break into it (irrompono), and are trapped (sono intrappolati) by the Count’s hunchback (gobbo) servant, Koukol. They also meet  the Count’s son, the frivolous and homosexual Herbert. Meanwhile, Shagal, tries to seduce Magda, the tavern’s beautiful maidservant (cameriera). Abronsius and Alfred accept the Count’s invitation to stay in his half – broken (mezzo rovinato) Gothic castle.  Alfred spends the night restlessly (senza pace, irrequieto). The next morning, Abronsius decides to go into the castle crypt and kill the Count,without caring (senza badare) about Sarah’s destiny. Abronsius and Alfred climb in (entrano scalando) through a roof window avoiding (evitando) the hunchback, but Abronsius gets stuck (rimane impigliato) in the window and Alfred goes back outside to free him (torna per liberarlo). On his way he meets Sarah who is having a bath in her room. She does not seem to feel in danger (in pericolo); she  invites him to a ball  that  night and vanishes in the air.  Alfred frees Abronsius, and both of them re-enter the castle. Alfred looks for Sarah but meets Herbert who first tries to  seduce him and then, revealing he is a vampire, tries to bite him. Abronsius and Alfred escape, but are trapped  behind a locked door (porta chiusa a chiave) on a turret (torretta). At night they see an enormous number of vampires who meet once a year for the ball during which they meet the new captives (prigionieri)  the Count has taken. The Count appears and mocks  (si prende gioco) them  revealing that Sarah will be presented as the next vampire victim. Abronsius and Alfred escape, go to the dance in disguise (travestiti), take Sarah and run away (scappano). Unfortunately it is too late:  Sarah awakens  (si sveglia) – she is a vampire, bites (morde) Alfred and  the vampires  are free to fly all over the  world (di colare sul mondo).