How I win the war  is a 1967 black film comedy directed and produced by Richard Lester, based on the  novel of the same name (omonima) by Patrick Ryan. Lieutenant Goodbody, is an idealistic, inexperienced, and obstinately nationalistic not regular officer. The platoon (plotone)  tries to get rid of (disfarsi)Continua

Richard Lester (fourth from the left) and the Beatles  Richard Lester (1932), American film director, was a child prodigy, who began university at the age of 15. Then  he started in television in 1950, and in 1953 he became director in independent television in London with Peter Sellers. In 1964Continua

Bret Harte was born in Albany , New York in 1839. After school, at the age of seventeen  he moved with his mother to California where he worked as a teacher, miner (minatore), printer (tipografo), express messenger, secretary of the San Francisco Mint, and editor. He published his first storiesContinua

The servant (1963) – directed and produced by Joseph Losey –  is about Tony, a wealthy young Londoner. He employs Hugo Barrett (interpreted by Dirk Bogard) as his manservant. Initially, they get on well (vanno d’accordo), maintaining their social roles (mantenedo i loro ruoli). The relationship begins to change whenContinua

Joseph Losey (1909- 1984) belonged to (apparteneva a) an important American family and was educated at Harvard, beginning as a student of medicine and ending in drama.  He got fame (divenne famoso) as a stage director in New York political theatre, with the like Sinclair Lewis’s  Jayhawke , then he spentContinua

In the sixties a number of American filmmakers worked in Britain including Fred Zinneman (1907 – 1997), Sidney Lumet (1924 – 2011), Stanley Donen (1924-) and John Huston (1906–1987). Joseph Losey (1909–1984) came to Britainin the fifties as a refugee from the communist witch-hunts in Hollywood. He started a workingContinua