midnight express

Midnight  Express is a 1978 British American production directed by Alan Parker. It is based on the same book by Billy Hayes then adapated for the cinema by Oliver Stone. The story is about an American college student Billy Hayes who – in 1970 – takes some hashish blocks (pezzi di hashish) in Turkey but is captured by the police while boarding a plane (salendo a bordo) back to America. The police question (interroga) Billy till a Texan comes pretending to help him; but as a matter of fact he makes him escape and then recapture and In prison Billy  is ill-treated (maltrattato) and beaten (picchiato) , together with other westerns. In 1974 he is condemned to serve at least a 30-year life term for his crime.  His stay becomes a living hell (inferno) where he is physically and mentally tortured till he has a mental breakdown (depression) sand is sent to the prison’s ward for the insane (reparto per malati di mente in prigione). Only the visit of his girlfriend Susan, in 1975, makes him start reacting( lo fa reagire). He seizes (coglie)  the opportunity to escape by putting on a guard’s uniform (indossando l’uniforme di una guardia) and , at last, will  walk out of the front door and will manage to reach the border (confine) to Greece, and arrive home three weeks later.