i contemporanei – Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby (1957 – ) is a  novelist and essayist, whose works frequently touches upon music, sports, and the aimless and obsessive natures of his protagonists. He  met his success with the novel High Fidelity, (1995) about a London record store owner in his 30s who re-examines his failed relationships after being left by his girlfriend. The success was followed by About a Boy (1998), again on the difficulties of a young man to live engagements with women according to his age. Both the novels were turned into movies directed respectively by Stephen Frears and Chris and Paul Weitz. Previously, in 1992,  Hornby had published  Fever Pitch, an  autobiographical book  as a football fan. In How to Be Good (2001) the female protagonist explores contemporary morals, marriage and parenthood. Part of the money he earned with his next book Speaking with the Angel (2002) was given to a charity for children with autism, the disorder that affects Hornby’s own son. In 2003, Hornby wrote 31 Songs a collection of essays on selected popular songs and their emotional resonance.  A Long Way Down (2005) is a dark comedy which touches the themes of suicide, angst, depression and promiscuity. Juliet, Naked (2009) is about a reclusive ’80s rock star who comes again in touch with some of his fans when his best album is re-released. In 2012 appeared the essays  More Baths, Less Taliking and in 2013 Everyone’s Reading Bastard.