FIABA D’AMORE di Antonio Moresco
An old man, a beggar is living among cardboards and trashes . Only an injured dove is looking after him. But, as in a fairy tale, the impossible happens: first he is helped by a beautiful young woman then, when his solitary destiny seems  to swallow him up again,  an incredible path opens in front of him and he can start hoping again. It is a novel which speaks about love, tenderness giving way to imagination and fancy
THE AUTHOR – Antonio Moresco (1947) is an Italian writer who started publishing late in his life . Among his numerous successful works is the monumental trilogy L’increato, of which the first two volumes have appeared – Gli esordi (1998 ) and Canti del caos (2001). He is still working on the third volume, Gli increati.


Marketing is a mentality,  a way of thinking. It is  an exchange of goods and services  The idea of goods is strictly linked to the idea of value and if goods and services are well managed the output is a collective and individual happiness.  The question now is: how can marketing be useful in time of crisis? The author answers trying to describe three main principles which  rule  marketing: the economy of experience, the aesthetics of services, the societing.
THE AUTHOR  – Filiberto Tartaglia, teaches marketing at the University in  Ferrara. In the 1980s he founded and directed  the International magazine Media & Messaggi, twinned with Traverses, of the Centre de Création Industrielle , Centre national d’art and de culture George Pompidou din Paris.  Among his works  are Elementi di retorica manageriale (1994), Essere glocali (2003), Estetica del terziario (2006), E osano chiamarci clienti (2008), Estetica sanitaria (2009), Estetica della Pubblica amministrazione (2011), Che paura!? Dialogo fra un sociologo ed uno psico-analista sulle paure contemporanee (in collaboration with  Alberto Turolla, 2012).


Sassuolo football league  is the expression of  the smallest town ever represented among the Football teams in Serie A. The story of Sassuolo with living protagonists has the gist of a fairy tale. And nobody can undertsand and explain this success, not even the inhabitants of the town .
THE AUTHOR  –  Stefano Fogliani was born in  1966 in Sassuolo, where he works and lives. Journalist since 1999, he writes for «Il Resto del Carlino» and  «La Gazzetta dello Sport».


In this period everyone tries to understand and help young people overcome the crisis that is involving the new generations. This book is a further and deeper attempt to unveil the truth, the truth about a world in which  young people have to face parents, school, education and expectations. It is a book that analyzes the real mechanisms which have caused this situation.
THE AUTHOR Stefano Laffi  works at the social research agency Codici in Milan. He collaborates with the magazine Lo Straniero directed by Goffredo Fofi and Gli asini directed by Luigi Monti. As a researcher and consultant, he has been studying the situation and the problems of young people for many years  working  for Ministero delle Politiche Giovanili ,  for various universities and  Professional Training Courses.

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THE STING MAN: Inside Abscam (2013) (IL RE DELLA TRUFFA)  di Robert Greene
The Sting Man  is the amazing story of Mel Weinberg, one of the most fascinating and  incredible scandal  masterminder. From the streets of the Bronx to false businessman, he was involved in a FBI operation,  Abscam. Late 1970s. A fictitious, rich arab wanted several things like  asylum in the USA, to invest money in the USA, to get his money out of his country. The enormous amount of money involved in these operations brought out the criminals who wanted to cheat this man, and his own country. Also congressmen and one U.S. senator were involved in this  gigantic hustle and quite a few people went to jail.The book has been adapted into a film The American Hustle (it: L’apparenza inganna) (2013) directed by David O. Russell.
THE AUTHOR – Robert Greene (1959 -) is an  American  bestselling author and speaker who has now got fame for the novel The Sting Man:Inside Abscam. Greene grew up in Los Angeles,  attended University of California, Berkeley and  before becoming an author, he worked as a construction worker, translator, magazine editor, and Hollywood movie writer. In 1995, Greene was in Italy working as a writer at Fabrica, an art and media school in Italy. Among his bestselling works are The 48 Laws of Power (1998) – a practical guide for anyone who wants power; The Art of Seduction (2004) –  a handbook on the most subtle form of power, seduction, profiling nine types of seducers; The 33 Strategies of War (2007) – a guide to the campaign of everyday life and about  historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte; The 50th Law (2009) was written collaboratively with rapper 50 Cent – a description of the universal laws about strategy ;  Mastery (2012) – about the lives of great historical and contemporary figures.