A painting by D. H. Lawrence David Herbert Lawrence was born at Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, on 11th September  1885, fourth of the five children of a miner (minatore) and of his educated middle-class wife. After attending college , he became a teacher in London (1908) and, helped by his literary friendContinua

Anne Rice (Howard Allen O’Brien; 1941 -) is an author of gothic, erotic, and religious-themed (tematica religiosa) books from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her Vampire Chronicles series started with Interview with the Vampire (1973) adapted into a 1994 movie directed by Neil Jordan, starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas eContinua

Sean Penn and Jon Krankauer Jon Krakauer (1954 – ), writer and mountaineer (scalatore) and well known for his writing about outdoors adventures (avventure all’aria aperta) and mountain-climbing (scalate), is  the author of best-selling(libri di successo)  non-fiction books (basati su vita reale). Into the Wild (1996) is about the trueContinua

Jonathan Safran Foer  (1977 – ) is an American Jewish (ebreo americano) author  who  graduated (si è laureato) from Princetonin 1999 with a degree in Philosophy. In 1995 Safran Foer had the chance to take part in an introductory writing course with author Joyce Carol Oates. The writer was  interestContinua

Richard Nathaniel Wright was born on September 4, 1908  (he died on November 28, 1960). He  was an African-American author who became famous for his controversial works about racial themes, and the problems African Americans had to face (affrontare) during the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. His work helped to changeContinua

Nick Hornby (1957 – ) is a  novelist and essayist, whose works frequently touches upon music, sports, and the aimless and obsessive natures of his protagonists. He  met his success with the novel High Fidelity, (1995) about a London record store owner in his 30s who re-examines his failed relationshipsContinua

Anthony Horowitz (1956 – ) is an English author and screenwriter (sceneggiatore). His father was councillor (consigliere) of prime minister Harold Wilson. Facing bankruptcy (per fronteggiare la banacarotta), Horowitz’s father removed his wealth (ricchezze) from his bank accounts and hid it (li nascose) away under a pseudonym, but when  he thenContinua