Chapter 3- Manchester Hooligans  (Strutture: simple present, present continuous) The boys hitchhike to Manchester. They wait for two hours at a service station in the rain. Fabio is wearing a thin jacket. He is totally wet. He begins to get angry, very angry.“Why didn’t we get the train?” he asks Maurizio.Continua

The English Adventures of Fabio and Maurizio Index Introductionchapter 1: looking for a jobchapter 2: new friendschapter 3: Manchester hooliganschapetr 4: at the pubchapter 5: English legends chapter 6:to Glanstonsburychapter 7:St Iveschapter 8:at Tintagelchapter 9:Tintagelchapter 10. the journey to Glastonsbury chapter 11: ways to get into the festival freeChapter 12:Continua